What we want

Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor or intrapreneur, inpreneurship.com puts together experiences, readings, thoughts and cases to learn from. And with the idea of creating a community where ideas and practises come and go pushing people to be critical questioning current paradigmas, inpreneurship.com is the easiest way of learning together.

inpreneurship.com does not have the truth, just want to put together thoughts, opinions and learnings from different players, that are meant to move together, looking for building tangible value.

Value proposition is easy on paper, deliver it, not that much, therefore feedback is breakfast for inpreneurship.com

Learnings and Take aways from 2017

  1. Success does not come at launch rather at land it
  2. Ask yourself always why or why not?
  3. Treat everyone as the less powerful person in the room
  4. Design for extreme user

Looking forward to 2018, please do not hesitate to contact me


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