Aim, Load & Fire!!!

No matter what business you are in, you need clients to sell. Whether your activity focus on B2B, B2C or any other acronyms, you will have to plan and execute different strategies to attract new clients, retain those that you captured already or upgrade them. From all those activities, bringing new clients, whether they are … Continue reading Aim, Load & Fire!!!


Think big. Multiply 10x

Think big and never give up Different challenges require different approaches. It is an obvious statement, but in many situations we forget to run a previous situation analysis and get a nice overview about what the problem is. We rush and jump in execution mode within a completely set of biases. “Insanity is doing the … Continue reading Think big. Multiply 10x

Let’s the magic happen

In the digital era, every aspect of business needs to move faster than ever before, as we are set to think on quarterly basis. Companies need to accelerate implementation of initiatives, eliminate costly delays, and continually improve the customer experience. That been said, how does agility help us? How do we get out of that? … Continue reading Let’s the magic happen

Cut the crap! you aren’t important

In our current ecosystem, no matter if you work for a Startup, multinational company or yourself, your calendar is full of action items, remainders or meetings. With such a frenetic activity, it is really easy to lose focus and productivity here and there. By the end of the week, those moments turn into poor meetings, … Continue reading Cut the crap! you aren’t important

Churn will kill your Startup

Churn rate is one of the most relevant metric when it comes to growth. It is also well cover and explain across entrepreneurial literature. However, it will be difficult to reinvent the wheel, there are a few aspects concerning churn ratio that better to have them on your mind while analyzing it and coming to … Continue reading Churn will kill your Startup

Value makes your life Easy

In the current ecosystem where technology has been able to spread scalability in every stage of the value chain, the ability to generate an attractive value proposition is becoming more and more important. Digital transformation is changing the way companies design or create value. Either internal or external, it is important to feed the structure … Continue reading Value makes your life Easy