Values & Culture and Repeat Again

No matter what kind of company we work for, where are are we based or who are we working with, our day-to-day business is based on routines and habits inherited by previous colleagues or managers. We run around in order to achieve our quotas, sales targets or partner satisfaction metrics. But meanwhile what is happening … Continue reading Values & Culture and Repeat Again


First impressions matter stupid

The Great Dictator Speech Communication means sending or receiving information. However, there are several differences between sending, transmitting or expressing a message, even when the message is the exactly the same word by word. No matter where you are, home, a bar or your office, if you are surrounded by people, you will most likely … Continue reading First impressions matter stupid

Build the way for results

In today's world where everything is evaluate and assess in a quarterly basis according to short term results, it is difficult not to rush and jump in execution mode instantly. We have different frameworks and processes implemented and working, yet we end up assuming that the problem given is the right one, leading us to … Continue reading Build the way for results

What comedian would teach your Startup?

9 Life Lessons - Tim Minchin UWA Address Lot and lot of pages have been written about corporate culture, leadership and management, therefore it is complicated add something new in this category. However, I would like to bring the attention to something, that frequently is forgotten. Tim Minchin, is an Australian composer/Lyricist, musician, comedian and … Continue reading What comedian would teach your Startup?

Differences make you stronger

A great company culture is not an option nowadays, it has became a need to attract, retain and motivate talent. But what works for some companies might not work for others. Just pay attention to the missions statements below, all of them are different. Google →“Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and … Continue reading Differences make you stronger