Values & Culture and Repeat Again

No matter what kind of company we work for, where are are we based or who are we working with, our day-to-day business is based on routines and habits inherited by previous colleagues or managers. We run around in order to achieve our quotas, sales targets or partner satisfaction metrics. But meanwhile what is happening … Continue reading Values & Culture and Repeat Again


The Cost of Living

From choosing your clothes to selecting your investment portfolio is all about choices and how to take them. The society we are living in, has created a world with plenty of opportunities, sometimes more than we can process or assess. Every single day we face different challenges selecting between many options, picking one and rejecting the … Continue reading The Cost of Living

Aim, Load & Fire!!!

No matter what business you are in, you need clients to sell. Whether your activity focus on B2B, B2C or any other acronyms, you will have to plan and execute different strategies to attract new clients, retain those that you captured already or upgrade them. From all those activities, bringing new clients, whether they are … Continue reading Aim, Load & Fire!!!

Think big. Multiply 10x

Think big and never give up Different challenges require different approaches. It is an obvious statement, but in many situations we forget to run a previous situation analysis and get a nice overview about what the problem is. We rush and jump in execution mode within a completely set of biases. “Insanity is doing the … Continue reading Think big. Multiply 10x

Let’s the magic happen

In the digital era, every aspect of business needs to move faster than ever before, as we are set to think on quarterly basis. Companies need to accelerate implementation of initiatives, eliminate costly delays, and continually improve the customer experience. That been said, how does agility help us? How do we get out of that? … Continue reading Let’s the magic happen

Where did my Money go?

As a result of the measures applied for tackling the last financial crisis, entrepreneurial funding have exploded up to  $39.4 billion in Q3'17 according to KPMG. VC investment has become a great opportunity, even more considering the lack of opportunities out there. Equity overprice, Fixed income with negative interest rates and other investment assets affected … Continue reading Where did my Money go?

Cut the crap! you aren’t important

In our current ecosystem, no matter if you work for a Startup, multinational company or yourself, your calendar is full of action items, remainders or meetings. With such a frenetic activity, it is really easy to lose focus and productivity here and there. By the end of the week, those moments turn into poor meetings, … Continue reading Cut the crap! you aren’t important

First impressions matter stupid

The Great Dictator Speech Communication means sending or receiving information. However, there are several differences between sending, transmitting or expressing a message, even when the message is the exactly the same word by word. No matter where you are, home, a bar or your office, if you are surrounded by people, you will most likely … Continue reading First impressions matter stupid

Build the way for results

In today's world where everything is evaluate and assess in a quarterly basis according to short term results, it is difficult not to rush and jump in execution mode instantly. We have different frameworks and processes implemented and working, yet we end up assuming that the problem given is the right one, leading us to … Continue reading Build the way for results

Three rules I hardly ever will brake again

A startup ride, either as investor, entrepreneur or employee, is most likely one of the most valuable, exciting and unique experiences anyone can have. That been said, such experience does not allow you to stop and analyze it properly, everything happen in a blink of an eye, as a result most of the times you … Continue reading Three rules I hardly ever will brake again