First impressions matter stupid

The Great Dictator Speech

Communication means sending or receiving information. However, there are several differences between sending, transmitting or expressing a message, even when the message is the exactly the same word by word.

No matter where you are, home, a bar or your office, if you are surrounded by people, you will most likely need to have human interaction via communication regardless the kind of. Many of those interactions are recurrent, meaning that turn into relationships at some point, key, when creating perceptions and opinions.

Whether we refer to verbal or nonverbal communication, the ultimate goal is the same, generate trust and respect in this specific order. Please read the following article “people judge you based on 2 criteria when they first meet you” Harvard social psychologist, Amy Cuddy.

According to the previous article, our perception and the foundation of any relationship is based on trust and respect. Yet, Amy Cuddy goes deeper in her conclusions. For instance, trust relates, in a higher correlation degree, with personal matter when respect does with profesional ones.

The truth is that trust and respect, both, are based on the authenticity you show, and the rest perceive. Then the magic happen when everything you do or say, you actually truly believe on it. Only under that assumption, people will perceive your authenticity and will build the trust on the top. Triggering that ability is the most difficult exercise, because authenticity is not an actionable item, it is not something that you can train or exercise. Either you believe on it or not.

Take a look at video and analyse it, Garbine truly believe in what she is saying. Accordingly her audience is totally engaged, paying attention and involved.

Coming back to the previous paragraph, did she prepare the press conference? I personally don’t know but highly doubt it, firstly, because she doesn’t have a way of knowing the questions but most importantly because at every single moment she shows her confidence and believes in what she is saying or doing.

Now, please compare Garbine with the first minute of the following video, where Guardiola deliver a conference press. Both are facing similar situations, after having achieved their goals. The main difference between both is that while Garbine is showing and transmitting something that she truly believes allowing the audience to be part of it, while Guardiola doesn’t.

The main difference is the authenticity shown during the whole press conference by Garbine while Guardiola only after the first question starts to believe what he is saying, and only then, it is when the audience starts to perceive his authenticity.

While communicating is crucial expressing what you truly believe or do, if at any point people perceives disconnection between what you say and you do believe, it will end up in a distrust situation difficult to turn around.

As a rule of thumb, for creating a safe trust environment under a “why” company culture (take a look at “What makes you different? Set the foundation”), you should communicate your message in your own style, with your own language but always and no matter what, be authentic, otherwise people will notice, and as a leader this is the last thing you want. People trusting you will be respect and follow you. If they don’t respect you good luck with the rest.


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