What comedian would teach your Startup?

9 Life Lessons – Tim Minchin UWA Address

Lot and lot of pages have been written about corporate culture, leadership and management, therefore it is complicated add something new in this category. However, I would like to bring the attention to something, that frequently is forgotten.

Tim Minchin, is an Australian composer/Lyricist, musician, comedian and director, apparently nothing to be with the technology or business, at least in the traditional sense of it. Last October 7th, 2017, he closer a graduation ceremony at UWA leaving 9 life lessons.

Wondering if those lessons could be part of any company culture, specially those built with strong sense of why, strong purpose . Here are some highlights from his witty and smart approach.

  1. Do not chase your dream, instead be micro ambitious and focus on your passion
  2. Do not look for happiness, instead look for it as side effects
  3. All is luck, relatively, focus on being thankful.“You can’t truly take credit for all the success, not truly blame others for their failures”
  4. Exercise, there is an inverse correlation between exercise and stress
  5. Be hard on your own opinions, take them out, identify your biases and your privileges, and don’t fail to acknowledge new paradigms. They should be under continuing examination.Think critically, do not follow just someone else’s ideas
  6. Be a teacher, share ideas and don’t take for granted your education
  7. Define yourself by what you like, there is the tendency to define ourselves in opposition rather than your position about what you love or are passionated about
  8. Respect people less powerful than you. “I will respect you in the same way you do with the less powerful people in the room”
  9. Don’t rush. Don’t panic. Fill life it with learning

Again, nothing new but the point is no matter what industry, market or role, stay hungry and pay attention. Specialization is great but knowing your environment, having a learning attitude will empower your talent.

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