Differences make you stronger

A great company culture is not an option nowadays, it has became a need to attract, retain and motivate talent. But what works for some companies might not work for others. Just pay attention to the missions statements below, all of them are different.

All together, this leads us to inference that having strong company culture leads it to creating a competitive advantage. Their business models are well known, deeply analyzed and many competitors have tried to replicate them unsuccessfully. Why? Mainly because there are factors that you can’t recreate unless you really believe them. As a result, a give – take relationship is created between them that drives the purpose, defining who you are.

Value = (Knowledge + Skills) * Attitude

If all agree that the company culture is great, necessary and the driver, the next step would be setting the foundation. Before you start, here are a couple of concepts to bear in mind while creating your culture:

  • Aim to build a safe and trustworthy work environment
  • Leadership,management and employees are in charge to protecting it
  • If you think it is expensive to have it, try without
  • It is not a competition of fancy and shiny perks


While building a company culture, there are several points, and will be matter of other posts in the future. Yet, there is one that, from my point of view, is the foundation. This is the Purpose, or in other words, clearly define the why. Once you define and set the why, the rest will be consequence of the purpose.

People drive themselves by the why not by what. You can lead people join you with a claim of better a better what, but this claim will not create loyalty. This why there is a huge difference between Why → How → What vs. What → How → Why, because transmit a message of


“The ability to win hearts before minds is not an easy task, it is a delicate balance of art and science” (Start with Why, Simon Sinek, Chap. 5). People value and are driven by purpose not by perks. Building a purpose will lead a safe and trust environment regardless specific guides.

WHY → Michael Porter’s most important research has been focusing in competitive advantage. Well, in a world with a lack of resources, specifically at early stages, setting the purpose and clearly defining your why is the first step to build your competitive advantage.

Again, there are plenty of aspect that you would consider while building or analyzing a company culture but the purpose is, in my humble my opinion, the most important one. This will determine what values your company stands for.

HOW → While analyzing operations in any possible investment, question yourself whether it is impacted by the purpose of the company. If so, you have found a competitive advantage in a company that will outperform over its competitors.

WHAT → It is the consequence rather than the driver.

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